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Beyond ECO philosophy detailed information can be found at the bottom.

Beyond ECO philosophy

Beyond believes that you are part of nature and can become more beautiful. The solution and wisdom of beauty lies in nature.

With this belief, we respect "Eco Values" throughout the entire process of everything we do from ingredients, production, distribution and disposal. Our research into Eco Values, which we consider part of our know-how, enhances the value of true beauty.



All our products are dermatologically tested at a legitimate cost in order to ensure they are safe for the skin and trustworthy.

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Minimum Waste

Beyond is increasing the proportion of products that are not packaged in a box with the aim of preserving the environment. We try not to use over-sized containers and packages which may deceive consumers and are moving towards minimal design based on sincere efforts to preserve the environment even if doing so may make the product appear smaller.

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Eco Beauty Lab

Eco Beauty Lab

Eco Beauty Lab for eco treatment
Beyond products are created by Eco Beauty Lab, the Korean lab which studies our eco treatments. Eco Beauty Lab carries out sustained studies to minimize chemical elements and use more organic/natural ingredients with an ultimate aim of providing healthy and safe products to our customers. Upholding and maintaining this philosophy requires overcoming numerous challenges including changes in product color and the improvement of sensory properties; despite these dfficulties, the lab strives to offer as many organic and natural products as possible.

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Against Animal

Animal Test

Ever since its birth in April 2005, for all products, Beyond, was opposed to animal experiments is alive and animal sources. These efforts are intended to be continued in the future, and taking into account the tremendous cost to defend the philosophy like this, we are dermatology test.

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Eco Beauty

Eco Beauty

Sincere efforts to build an eco-friendly beauty brand
Beyond uses natural ingredients that contain natural energy and life to help skin recover its own beauty. As such a brand feeling, we are grateful for the communion between Mother Nature and human beings, and we strive to enable sustainable beauty which considers the environment for future generations.

Natural ingredients
Beyond carries out constant research on ways to restore the beauty of skin using natural ingredients since these materials hold natural energy and vitality. You can enjoy cosmetic products with pure and highly concentrated natural ingredients thanks to advanced Beyond technology.

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Minimum Chemical

Chemical Fragrance

Refusal to use artificial scents Beyond avoids the use of artificial scents which may cause skin irritation. The mild scent of our ingredients doesn't cause any discomfort in application and is controlled with our fragrance-free treatment to minimize skin irritation.

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Sustainable Growth

Extraction of ingredients
We continue to study measures on how to produce extracts from ingredients at low temperatures in order to minimize energy consumption.

Production process
Beyond does its best to manufacture its products at low temperatures to use the minimum amount of energy while making masks and basic skin care products.

Fair and good trade
Beyond has applied fair and good trade to certail products and will expand fair trade to cover more products.

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Minimum Chemical Colorants

Minimum Chemical

Beyond uses no synthetic colors and only natural ingredients in all its products so that only healthy elements come in contact with your skin.
(except for coloring products)

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No Paraben

No Paraben Added

Beyond avoids chemical preservatives which are known to cause skin irritation or trouble in our products Instead of using chemical preservatives such as paraben or phenoxyethanol, natural preservatives combined with moisturizing ingredients by means of our golden proportion technology protect our skin care products from spoiling.

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Recyclable Package

Only recyclable packaging Beyond minimizes the use of non-reusable plastic and is striving to use a variety of eco-friendly packaging such as soy ink printing/recycled paper/biomass containers.

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Cosmetics Against animal testing

Beyond disapproves of unnecessary and indiscriminate animal testing.

CosmeticsAgainst animal

Beyond disapproves of unnecessary
and indiscriminate animal testing.

"Is animal testing done to develop cosmetics products?"

Animal testing on cosmetics and their ingredients is allowed around the world except in some countries in Europe which banned animal testing in 2009. In many cases, tests are cruelly carried out on animals without anesthesia. One such example involves a rabbit which is placed in a box with its head sticking out so that mascara and other cosmetics materials can be repeatedly applied to eyes until the rabbit goes blind. As many as 100 million animals are sacrified a year in exchange for developing cosmetics for humans. (excerpted from a Hankook Ilbo newspaper article on June 30, 2013) Beyond has been carrying out a campaign against indiscriminate and unnecessary animal testing.

Do we really need animal testing to develop a skin care product?

Numerous study results concluded that results from animal testing cannot be applied to humans as they are. Animals and humans have different skin structure and responses, and just because a product is deemed safe for animals does not necessarily mean it is safe for humans. Beyond is against indiscriminate animal testing which has been done as a customary practice. Our principle is to replace animal testing with more accurate and ethical testing methods.

What alternatives are there?

Alternatives we employ to screen products and ingredients for safety include cell cultivation toxicity assays (cultivated human skin cells used to determine toxic properties based on the degree of cell death), immune cell cultivation assays (allergic responses assessed on cultivated immune cells related to skin alergenic response), and patch tests (in-house methodology to predict skin irritation).

Without animal testing, can we not achieve the advancement of cosmetics?

Animal testing is related more to safety than the verification of effects. Irrelevant of animal testing, technological development on cosmetics effects and efficacy is constantly undertaken, while alternatives and skin tests are done to prove safety in a more ethical and trustful manner. Regarding effects and efficacy testing, more objective and varied biochemical test methods and physical analyses are being carried out, and more objective, practical and different methodologies including clinical efficacy trials of specialized institutes and consumers user tests (HUT) are being employed to verify products. Beyond has been developing ways to determine the efficacy and effects of cosmetics with the help of Eco Beauty Lab, a laboratory focusing on eco-friendly and sustainable beauty, as well as with dermatological tests on all products. This year, 100% natural sunscreen products, for which no animal testing was done, were released. (Beyond True Eco Sun Cream)

Is Beyond against animal testing on drugs?

Beyond is a cosmetics brand and opposes indiscriminate animal testing on cosmetics.

What led to Beyond launching its anti-animal testing campaign?

Animal testing is not an essential part of cosmetics development, but has been done as a customary practice. To change the perception of consumers on animal testing and create a society where humans and animals live happily together, Beyond started an anti-animal testing campaign. The European Union disallowed the sales and advertisement of products on which animal testing had been done from 2013, following the ban on animal testing for cosmetics in 2009. This stance against animal testing is expected to become the global standard. In line with these global moves, Korean cosmetics brands are required to take proactive measures and change such perceptions. As an eco-friendly beauty brand, Beyond took the initiative and launched its anti-animal testing campaign, and is preparing to obtain the Leaping Bunny, an international anti-animal testing certificate which no Asian brand has yet obtained.

What happens when Beyond obtains the signatures of over one million people?

When we have the signatures of one million consumers, Beyond will make a donation to a Korean animal protection organization. In the course of the one million-signature campaign, we would like to deliver the message that unnecessary and indiscriminate animal testing is being done and should be minimized.

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